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Leostream Software on Thin ClientsLeostream

Leostream Connection Broker is available pre-installed on BOSaNOVA Linux thin clients and is available upon request on BOSaNOVA CE.Net and XPe thin clients

Leostream Connection Broker software is a comprehensive, flexible solution for managing end-user access to computing resources hosted in the data center. Accessed through remote viewer protocols such as PC-over-IP or RDP, end users connect to fully-featured virtual desktops, hosted desktops, remote sessions, or applications based on assigned policies. The Connection Broker supports wide range of clients - including BOSaNOVA thin clients - back-ends, viewers, and protocols in one centralized application. It integrates existing network infrastructure, easily scales to tens of thousands of desktops, and provides an excellent end-user experience.

In addition, the Leostream Connection Broker integrates any systems that are required by the VDI:

  • Multiple authentication servers (Active Directory, eDirectory, OpenLDAP)
  • External SSL VPNs
  • Multi-factor authentication.

For more information please contact us at 800-866-6267 or

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