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Citrix XenDesktop

XenDesktop is a comprehensive desktop delivery system that offers an unparalleled end-user experience, dramatically simplifies desktop management and reduces the cost of traditional desktop computing by up to 40 percent. Support for XenDesktop is available on BOSaNOVA’s X-Series line of XPe thin client devices and on BOSaNOVA’s CE.Net and Linux units.

In addition to providing support for XenDesktop, the X-Series XPe thin client devices are complete with ReadyOn™ technology for a faster boot time, less than 10 seconds. These new units designed for a virtual environment boast greater performance with faster storage. Hardware options include our high performance model (7916X) powered by the high speed 1.5GHz C7 VIA processor CPU, the full featured 7616X, and our compact unit, 5416X, allowing for exceptional performance, flexible mounting options and low power consumption.

Superior user experience
XenDesktop offers users an experience better than what they get from a traditional PC or laptop. End users are provided with a new and pristine desktop delivered to them every time they log on. A high performance delivery protocol, ICA, provides PC like responsiveness of any content to any location and device.

Simple desktop provisioning and application delivery
XenDesktop dynamically assembles a new and pristine virtual desktop with a personalized set of applications and settings every time a user logs on. The dynamic assembly of desktops is enabled through the separation of operating system, applications and user settings, which dramatically simplifies desktop management, including creating, provisioning, personalizing, monitoring, supporting and updating desktop images centrally from the data center.

Reliable desktop access management
XenDesktop enables IT to quickly assign users to dedicated or pooled virtual desktops, and manage active and inactive virtual desktop connections.  It provides users with a reliable connection to their virtual desktop without any single point of failure.

Desktop optimization and support
XenDesktop proactively ensures that users always receive best performance when using their virtual desktops, providing a LAN-like experience for branch office workers. It also provides fast, easy and secure remote support services for a great user support experience every time.

Broad desktop delivery ecosystem
Only XenDesktop ensures interoperability with a wide range of infrastructure hardware, applications, virtual machine infrastructure and endpoint devices.

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