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BOSmanager provides centralized configuration, maintenance, and control of all local and remote BOSaNOVA Linux and CE.Net thin client devices.

BOSmanager - Comes standard with all BOSaNOVA thin clients and supports up to 250 users.

Download BOSmanager (Version 2 -New and Improved)

Download BOSmanager (Version 1)

BOSmanager features:

Group Operation

Perform common operations on groups and/or individually selected devices. This capability provides a simple, time-saving method when needing to configure and update multiple devices. For example, apply a new version of firmware to a group of devices instead of making the change to each individual thin client. It is also possible to apply a configuration from one device to groups of other devices in a single operation.

Run as a Service

BOSmanager Enterprise Edition can run as a service so that the program does not need to be running for scheduled events, upgrades, etc.

Updating of Firmware

The BOSmanager Enterprise Edition has a built-in HTTP and FTP server. This enables both push and pull of firmware updates to the thin client.

Centralized Management

Install the BOSmanager on any Windows PC in minutes. All BOSaNOVA thin clients are displayed in a easy to read tree view.

Create, Modify and Restore Thin Client Configuration

Complete definitions for each of the available applications can be centrally defined and pushed down to the thin client, enabling the thin client to be installed without the user configuring anything at the desktop. For example, create a whole application (such as a 5250 session) and push it out to the appropriate thin clients.

Intuitive Interface

The graphical interface is simple and intuitive and identifies every device with detailed icons. Red and green indicators show the power state to the devices. The tree view can be expanded or collapsed to provide details regarding which applications are present and what the settings are for each device.

Automatic Discovery

New BOSaNOVA thin clients are automatically discovered as they are connected to the network.

Maximized Visualization

Applications can be run maximized or in a fixed size window on the client, allowing the local task bar to remain visible.

Group Management

Devices can be subdivided into groups based on IP ranges and subnets. This allows for easier management of large installations, where branches of the network can be expanded to provide details of specific groups only.

Remote Shadowing of the video

Simply highlight a device in the manager and right click to either view or take control of that device. For security and resource reasons the shadowing agent (VNC) on the device is only enabled by the manager at the time when the shadowing is requested. For privacy reasons a request is sent to the user to permit the use of this tool.

Power options

BOSmanager supports the power on and remote power down for BOSaNOVA thin clients by use of Wake On LAN. With a simple one click of the mouse it is possible to turn on and turn off a device remotely on the network, this can also be done at specific times using the scheduler.

View BOSmanager brochure (PDF)

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