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Linux Thin Client
Linux-based thin clients for powerful, affordable desktop computing in a LAN environment, connecting to IBM iSeries (AS/400) and zSeries (S/390) as well as Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Servers.

[ 466 ] [ LTC-600 ] [ TBT-600 ]  [ 402 ] [ 1300 ]

Windows XP Thin Client
Windows XPe-based thin clients for simple, secure, cost-effective delivery of Windows applications throughout your organization, including BOSaNOVA's award-winning IBM-certified BOSaNOVA TCP/IP TN5250e emulation for IBM iSeries (AS/400).

[ 600 ] [ 416 ] [ 1300 ] [ 360 Tablet ] [ 310 Tablet ]

Windows Thin Client
Windows CE.NET-based thin clients for cost-effective desktop computing in a LAN environment, connecting to IBM iSeries (AS/400) and zSeries (S/390) as well as Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Servers.

[ 470 ] [ 420 ] [ 600 ] [ 310 Tablet ] [ 360 Tablet ]

Wireless Thin Client: Linux & XPe
Linux and XP-based wireless ready thin clients deliver applications simply, securely, and cost-effectively throughout your organization. Central configuration and user management, provided by BOScom's bundled enterprise client management utility, drastically reduces cost of ownership. Wireless tablets (XP and offer additional flexibility. More > >

Wireless Thin Client Tablet: XPe and
BOStablets are Wireless, light-weight, extremely durable devices that offer mobile connectivity to a variety of applications. Optional features for thin client tablets include keyboard, barcode scanner, and printer which are easily attached via USB port. BOStablets come in two models for Windows CE.Net or XPe operating systems. More > >

The new IP53 compliant Thin Client Tablet 410XP has a 10.4" Touch Screen and is based on Microsoft XP Professional operating system. More > >


BOSaNOVA All-in-One: XPe
The BOSaNOVA All-In-One XPe is a zero footprint integrated 17" LCD terminal designed for use on the corporate desktop where space is premium. Included is a full array of embedded programs. Touch screen models are available. All-in-Ones are available for Windows XPe operating system. More > >


AS400 & iSeries
All thin clients (except the Classic) have built in connectivity to AS400 and iSeries computers. More > >

Assembled in the USABOSaNOVA Thin Clients - for improved security and reliability
Offer users improved workflow, increased security and lower maintenance and upgrade costs. Light-weight, fan-less and with no moving parts, BOSaNOVA Thin Clients provide quiet, long-lasting, reliable, maintenance-free performance.

BOSaNOVA Thin Clients are designed to meet EPEAT and Energy Star environmental standards and offer standard connectivity features including PCI and PCMCIA expansion slots, USB ports, audio in/out, and external power supply (varies depending on model). Designed to save valuable desktop workspace, BOSaNOVA Thin Clients come with a standard warranty of 3 years

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