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Case Study: Western States Envelope Co.

Company Profile
Custom envelope manufacturer and distributor, headquartered in suburban Milwaukee (Butler, WI), with plants and warehouses near Toledo (Walbridge, OH) and Cincinnati (Erlanger, KY). Recent acquisitions include manufacturing/warehouse facilities in suburban Minneapolis (Maplewood, MN) and in Madison, WI. AS/400 at corporate headquarters runs all customer, management, production and distribution applications. Supports two networks: Twinax with 75 remote users; Ethernet LAN at headquarters with 100 PCs.

Problem to Solve
To improve response time, lower costs and use ISDN for back-up, Western States Envelope wanted to replace its leased lines with Frame Relay using TCP/IP. Therefore, needed a remote controller that supports Twinax over TCP/IP.

Two BOS e-Twin@x Controllers (Models 4556 - 56 devices).

1. It is a remote controller that supports Twinax over TCP/IP.
2. Although Western States was using Perle remote controllers, Perle did not yet have available a controller that supported Twinax over TCP/IP.
3. BOS distributor Steve Willis from I/O Connections (Twinax terminal supplier) had attended a day-long briefing on the BOS product and was very excited about it. He felt it was the product we were looking for and highly recommended it.

Customer Comments
"We had looked on the Internet and even asked IBM whether anyone had the solution we needed, so when Steve Willis first told us about all that the BOS e-Twin@x Controller could do, we didn't believe him. But with a 90-day trial, we had nothing to lose. I would recommend this solution highly to anyone in the Twinax environment. The BOS e-Twin@x Controller works, and both Karen and I are happy with BOS support and responsiveness." - Denise Olson

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