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e-Twin@x Controllers Save Tire Service Network $1.5M Annually in AS/400 Communications Costs

System paid for itself within three months; dedicated frame connections replaced with 128KB DSL connections increase performance by 200%!

Company Profile
A tire service network with over 128 stores, 13 retreading plants and more than 30 wholesale distribution centers, this company employs more than 2,300 people in 39 states. The retread plants run on Unix servers, while the 128 stores are run on an AS/400 iSeries Model 830 located at headquarters.

Problem to Solve
Replace costly frame-based WAN connections with an Internet-based WAN and still connect remote PCs and Twinax displays and printers to AS/400 at headquarters.

e-Twin@x Controllers at remote sites convert Twinax to Ethernet for Internet IP connectivity.

Cost savings: $1.5 million annually
Performance: Better response time
Ease of deployment: 128 stores switched over within 3 months
Simplicity in administration: Easy, remote management
Security: Secure, encrypted communications

Customer Comments
"When we replaced our frame-based WAN with an Internet-based WAN, we installed BOSaNOVA e-Twin@x Controllers in our 128 stores to connect PCs and Twinax displays and printers to our AS/400 at headquarters."

"Conservatively, we save $1.5 million annually. The system paid for itself within three months, and every day we realize more savings."

"While our primary objective was to reduce cost, the secondary was to equal or improve network speed. In all locations, users are getting equal or better response time from the AS/400 iSeries Model 830 server at headquarters. We ordered 56KB Internet access and in places where we were able to replace the dedicated frame connections with 128KB DSL connections, performance was twice as fast."

"Our main selection criterion was security. We looked at everything that ran over our frame connections and looked at how to encrypt the data for sending it to the remote locations via the Internet. The BOSaNOVA e-Twin@x Controllers are very secure."

"We worked with BOSaNOVA to add new print device fields for the display configuration, which resolved a lot of printing issues."

"Users continue to use their Twinax devices just like they did before. We switched several locations over in a day."

"Implementation was pretty painless for the end users. Myself, staff of two, an intern and our help desk switched all 128 stores over to the BOSaNOVA e-Twin@x Controllers in three months."

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