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NOTE:  BOSâNOVA no longer has 6461 twinax cards for purchase but version 8 of the software is available for use with previously purchased twinax cards.

BOSâNOVA Plus is a suite of products that provides PC users with AS/400 and SYS/36 connectivity over Twinax. Included in this package is a PCI Twinax adapter and an assortment of advanced applications for communication between PC's and midrange computers. PC users benefit from immediate Windows functionality for midrange operations based on BOSaNOVA's rich 5250 display/printer emulation and advanced file transfer applications. 


  • Supports both APPC and TDLC connectivity types
  • Supports multiple environments - Windows 32-bit 7, 8, 10 and legacy 9x/NT/2000/Me/XP (32-bit ONLY)
  • Uses BOS' Stealth Technology eliminating the need for dedicated memory segment and IRQ
  • Provides a user friendly file transfer application
  • NOTE: BOSâNOVA Plus DTF does require via-BOSâNOVA to be installed on the System 36 or AS/400

  • Includes an automatically activated Twinax Wizard for easy installation and configuration
  • Enhanced emulation functions for a wide range of IBM terminals
  • Automatically configured and customizable printing capability
  • Includes the Twinax Tracer for efficient troubleshooting
  • 122 key keyboard support

BOSâNOVA Plus 32 Highlights

Customized for the TDLC environment, the BOSâNOVA Plus 32 provides PC connectivity over Twinax to both AS/400 and SYS/36 hosts. Users benefit from up to four sessions of full 5250 display and printer emulation. BOSaNOVA's on-the-fly GUI application enables a total Windows look-and-feel interface. The BOSâNOVA Plus 32 includes DTF; BOS' advanced SQL-based data transfer application.

BOSâNOVA Twinax 32 Highlights

The BOSâNOVA Twinax Client 32 enables PCs and PC printers to interface with midrange systems and perform as enhanced IBM midrange terminals and printers. Users enjoy full Windows APPC display and printer emulation for up to 32 simultaneous sessions. BOSâNOVA on-the-fly GUI application enhances emulation and provides a multitude of features that create a friendly work environment. BOSâNOVA advanced SQL-based data file transfer (DTF) is supported and ready to go with no additional upgrades required. The included internal router provides further benefits for APPC users by enabling the use of compatible applications requiring routers.

5250 Display and Printer Emulation

Both connectivity types (APPC and TDLC) support BOS' rich 5250 emulation environment that provides enhanced display and printer emulation functions for a wide range of IBM terminals, including the 3477FC. PC users benefit from full 3477FC emulation including complete color and Text Assist support, DDE and HLLAPI support for integration with Windows applications, and customizable toolbars. Powerful printer emulation capabilities afford a wide range of printing and print management options. Multiple automatic printing modes, complete font control, and customizable printer drivers are just a few of the features included in the BOSâNOVA Plus.

Emulation Features

  • MorphExpressTM on-the-fly GUI
  • Workstation ID support*
  • SCS printer emulation
  • Text Assist support
  • Full 3477 emulation
  • PC and Terminal styles for keyboards
  • Customizable "floating" toolbars
  • Automatic font scaling
  • User definable macros with macro protection utility
  • "External Link" enables users to display the contents of a pre-defined file or directory
  • "Background Bitmap" allows customization of display sessions with a user-defined graphic file


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