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Mobile Device & PDA to iSeries

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BOSāNOVA Mobile combines the convenience of the mobile device and the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with the stability and strength of BOSāNOVA TCP/IP.

With BOSaNOVA Mobile users can remotely access their iSeries to:

  • Check and work with system status
  • Use the OS/400 menu and command interfaces to perform system functions
  • Work with hardware resources
  • Work with license information
  • Configure TCP/IP
  • Locate, create, change, and delete objects
  • Initiate, monitor, and control jobs
  • Displays all processes and their status
  • Configure local devices
  • Send and display messages
  • And more!

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BOSāNOVA Mobile provides remote access to your iSeries from any mobile device that supports .NET. The initial release of BOSāNOVA Mobile supports Mobile Pocket PC, Windows CE.Net 4.2, Windows Mobile 2003, and Windows Mobile 5.0. Note: Mobile devices which do not support touch screen or that do not allow frames (i.e. Motorola “Q”) are not supported.

Server specification minimum is IP connected Windows XP PC, Windows 2000/2003 server on Intel, or an iSeries LPAR.

Below is a list of certified mobile devices that have been tested to work with BOSaNOVA Mobile. If you have a question about whether or not your mobile device is supported, contact

Certified Mobile Devices



Samsung Smart Phone

Sony Treo 700W

HP iPaq Pocket PCs

Dell Axim PDA

Mitak Mio PDA

i-Mate Smartphones

POZ PDA phone

Samsung SCH-i730


Mobile Terminals





BOSāNOVA Mobile is based on client-server architecture and includes the BOSāNOVA Mobile Server and BOSāNOVA Mobile Client.



  • Authenticate and Authorize Users
  • Enable Automatic Client Installation and Update
  • Enable reconnect
  • Centralized Configuration of Sessions
  • Govern Product Licensing
  • Administer Users

  • Provides different methods of iSeries screen presentation
  • Supports full-screen mode
  • Supports a complete set of Twinax terminal keyboard commands and function keys
  • Supports screen zoom mode
  • The B.O.S. proprietary font is included in the product
  • Supports screen dragging
  • Supports recording and playback
  • Supports terminal rules for input fields
  • Supports a full selection of menu options in full-screen mode
  • Client indicator line includes cursor position
  • Includes an option to move the screen automatically
  • The default device type is color, 27*132. The 24*80 mode is also supported

For more information please contact us at 800-866-6267 or

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