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Thin Client Energy Savings Calculator

Thin clients consume significantly less energy than their PC equivalents. Calculate your energy savings below with our 'Energy Savings Calculator.'

Enter number of devices
Electricity rate in kWh
(10¢ per kWh is the US average)
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Annual Operating Costs
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BOSaNOVA Thin Clients require only .007 kWh of power compared to PCs which consume .065 kWh.

Go Green with BOSaNOVA Thin Clients

There are many benefits to switching from PCs to thin clients. One of the benefits is the effect to our environment. Research has found that PCs use twice as much energy as a thin client environment. PCs average between 65 – 250 watts of energy whereas thin clients require only about 40 watts including the server.

"Using an estimate of 22.9 million business desktop PCs in operation around the U.S., businesses could be saving a total of about $354.7 million a year and cutting CO2 emission by about 2.45 billion pounds." (Thin Clients Save Energy, Spare CO2 - eWeek)

BOSaNOVA RBT Series thin clients require only 7 watts. These energy efficient small units run cooler, weigh less therefore saving on transportation cost and are extremely powerful. Many different options are available including a choice of CE.Net, Linux, and XPe.

Click here to learn more about going green with BOSaNOVA thin clients.

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